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Uniforms & Products By and For Firefighters.

Mission Statement

Lookout Services Uniform Company will provide the firefighters of the world with the safest, most durable, competitively priced uniforms, while providing exemplary services and customer care. Our goal is to save the lives of the firefighters of the world and their money.

Lookout Services. Your uniform source for the Fire Service.

Our company was founded by Mark Euless, who started as a Seasonal Firefighter for the Marin County Fire Department in 1970. The uniform of the day was 100% cotton green Levi's and a khaki long sleeve shirt,( with the sleeves only rolled down at fires ), and no PPE. 24 years later and dressed in the traditional blue dacron/polyester uniform as a Fire Captain, Mark went looking for a better price and flash protection. What he found was Uniform shops from Los Angeles to San Francisco to Reno that charged more than the Manufacturers suggested retail price!

To eliminate the middleman, Mark went to the source and became a retailer himself. In 2007, Grant and Vanessa Euless acquired Lookout Services. Grant is a Tiburon Firefighter and began his career in 1997, starting as a seasonal firefighter with Marin County, working with San Francisco Fire as a federal employee, Mill Valley Fire Department and finally at Tiburon Fire District. Grant and Vanessa will still provide the great prices and friendly services that has become the reputation of the company.

Working with the manufacturers directly, we can control overhead costs while still providing excellent service. Saving the firefighters of the world money and protecting them was the goal. We aim to solve your search for the best price, best quality and best service. Don't stay mad about what you have to pay and whom you have to deal with. Work with a fellow firefighter and save money in the process.
We can serve you as the individual firefighter, as a union or association of firefighters or as a whole department.

We specialize in Workrite Nomex Uniforms. Please feel free to contact us for complete details.